Did you know ? #11

Airlines bar
Source: Aman Anand

Q) Do you get drunk faster at cruising altitude ?
A) Discovery’s “Mythbusters” took this one on, and found it categorically false. But because planes are not pressurised to sea level (it’s the equivalent of breathing at about 8,000 feet up), there’s less oxygen in the air, which can make you feel drunk.


Did you know ? #11 - AviatorsbuzzQ) Are passenger doors always on the left side ?
A) Not all, but the majority of airplanes have the main passenger entrance on the left side. There are 3 theories explaining this fact:

1. The right side is for the luggage (cargo hatches are also on the right), so it’s not safe for passengers.

2. Some people say that it’s a tradition from the past, ship ramps were always on the left.

3. The captain of an aircraft used to sit on the left. The location of the passenger door allowed them to better park the plane at the passenger area.

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