MLS – Microwave Landing System

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The MLS provides precision navigation guidance for the exact alignment and descent of aircraft on the approach to a runway. It provides azimuth, elevation, and distance. It employs 5 GHz transmitters at the landing location which use passive electronically scanned arrays to send scanning beams towards approaching aircraft. An aircraft that enters the scanned volume uses a special receiver that calculates its position by measuring the arrival times of the beams.

  • MLS advantages over ILS, including a wider selection of channels to avoid interference with nearby installations, excellent all-weather performance and wide vertical and horizontal “capture” angles that allowed approaches from wider airport areas.
  • The azimuth station transmits MLS angle and data on one of 200 channels within the 5031 to 5090.7 MHz frequency.
  • Located about 1,000 feet (300 m) beyond the stop end of the runway and covers at least 37 km.
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