Is the Colour Blindness Test Mandatory for Pilots ?

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Yes, it is mandatory to do a Colour Blindness Test if you want to be a pilot.

The first color blindness test known as the “Ishihara test” was invented by Japanese opthalmologist Shinobu Ishihara in 1916 and has been widely used worldwide since.

Modern airplanes use colour combinations on the screen to depict any failures or emergencies to Pilots, thus any deficiencies with any colour may be a hindrance to flight safety as per rules derived by the authorities.

If you are planning on becoming a pilot make sure you visit an eye doctor before you actually go through the pains of going through the DGCA Medicals.

To test your eyes, try out this fun exercise and identify the numbers on the plate.


*Disclaimer – This exercise in no way depicts if you are colour blind or not, please consult your doctor for the same.


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