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Did you know
Did you know

Q) Do commercial pilots have parachutes ?

A) While germs may be airborne before they are filtered from the cabin, you can be sure that your pilot will not be airborne under any circumstances. “Why do people believe that pilots have parachutes?” I wonder. Even if we did, we couldn’t escape an aircraft mid-flight” (as discussed earlier), and besides, our job is to protect and safely fly our passengers to their destination. So the answer is a Big No – Commercial pilots do not have parachutes.

Did you know Aviation trivia
Did you know Aviation trivia bullet holes
Did you know Aviation trivia
Did you know Aviation trivia bullet holes

Q) Don’t fret those little holes in the window ?

A) No one has ever been sucked out of an airplane due to a small hole in a window, unless the whole window or door gets blown away. Firstly, airplanes are designed with small holes in the windows to regulate cabin pressure, secondly, even an unplanned hole (such as a bullet hole) wouldn’t pose much of a danger. You’d have a rush of air into the cabin, followed by oxygen masks dropping because of gradual change in pressure, then you’d notice it getting colder and louder but that’s it. No real immediate danger of being sucked out.

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