Did You Know ? #16

Did you know ? - Aviatorsbuzz
Did you know ? - Aviatorsbuzz

Q) Is there only one pilot in an Aircraft?

A) “This is your captain speaking,” you hear over the loudspeaker, and perhaps you think, “Wow, that’s the one guy who can fly this plane.” Wrong. Both the captain and the first officer (also known as pilot and co-pilot) are licensed pilots, fully capable of flying the plane. The only major difference between both pilots is that the captain usually has more experience/seniority in the airline and is ultimately the number one person in charge of the crew and safety of the passengers.


Q) Driving is undeniably greener than flying?

A) While airplanes are indeed gas guzzlers, the fact that airlines are packing more people on to planes makes flying an increasingly more energy efficient means of travel. According to a study by Michael Sivak of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, “While flying domestically in the US used to be much more energy intensive than driving, that is no longer the case.” Driving has become less efficient than flying due to the number of people that can be transported per flight, which in turn reduces carbon emissions per passenger mile.

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