Did you know ? #10


Q) Why do Airplanes have curved wingtips?

A) During a flight, the pressure is lower on top of the wing than it is under the wing. The air tends to move from the high pressure below the wing to the low pressure above the wing around the wingtips. In the past, wingtips were straight, and the airflow caused severe turbulence. So scientists decided to bend the wingtips upward to reduce turbulence, prolong the wing’s durability, and save a lot of fuel during travel. Thanks to this feature, we feel more comfortable during a flight.


Q) Why are airplanes painted white?

Airlines - AviatorsbuzzA) Planes are nearly always painted white. There are several reasons for this – 1) Heat reflection, if an aircraft is painted white, it accumulates less heat. This is better for passengers and economically profitable for airlines. 2) White paint is less expensive, it is way cheaper than other paints. 3) Preventing collisions with birds. Birds can see the reflection from white surfaces better and don’t often collide with airplanes for this reason. 4) White paint helps reveal even small cracks and dents. White details are easily recognised in case of an accident and it’s easier to notice damages.

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