Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Planking Her Way to The Skies

In today’s crew feature we’re catching up with Namrata Meshram, a flight attendant, fitness enthusiast and a Guinness World Record holder!

Namrata flies for a leading airline as deputy chief cabin crew, she believes in living life to the fullest and says that “if you love what you do it will never seem like work”.

Aviatorsbuzz – So Namrata, can you tell us about your Guinness World Record, that is quite an achievement! How did that happen?

Namrata – My work is such that we have no fixed routine and a very odd hour work culture, at the same time it also requires us to be superfit and alert. With all the odd hours the body clock goes completely haywire which eventually takes a toll on our health. I love my work with all that it entails and I realised the only thing I can do to help myself is control my fitness, health, and diet. Fitness is now a big part of my life, I believe however busy we might be with work every individual must inculcate fitness into one’s life.

So coming back to the Guinness World Record! That was rather exciting. In my journey towards fitness that was definitely a milestone for me. My name is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for “The Most People Holding The Abdominal Plank Position”. We were over 2000 people and we all collectively did the plank.

ABuzz – That is amazing..we definitely want some fitness tips from a World Record Holder!

Namarata – Offcourse! would love to share some of the things I follow. So for me fitness doesn’t mean working out hours and hours in the gym or going on crash diets or having protein powders. Fitness, should be gradual, consistent and an overall health graph of our body. So some of the things I do are…

I always start my day with warm water, honey, ginger and lemon. Breakfast is usually whole fruits and whatever healthy stuff I can find in my kitchen at that moment, all my meals are portion controlled and I only snack on healthy things like dry fruits and nuts. Drink atleast 3-4 litres of water to keep my body hydrated and flush out toxins, I also drink a lot of green juices, green teas, green coffees and fruit infused water. I include some form of exercise everyday like walking, running, home based workouts like yoga, pilates, high intensity cardio like zumba or if nothing else just play some bollywood music and dance like nobody’s watching. I practice meditation, affirmations and positive thinking which keep me strong and peaceful. Lastly, i genuinely believe that we should  “smile, laugh, spread happiness and always stay happy thats when life automatically becomes beautiful & healthy”

ABuzz – Thankyou Namrata for sharing your beauty secrets with us! Any words of wisdom for our upcoming professionals…

Namrata – Hahahaah, I have a long way to go myself before I start passing out words of wisdom! But I would like to say that other than the obvious credentials of trainings and licenses the attributes I strongly recommend are a passion for Flying, Confidence, the ability to Stay Calm in Tough Situations, Presence of Mind and lastly that Million Dollar Smile!

If you have these qualities you can surely make a mark for yourself in this field.

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