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In our Crew segment we welcome crew from around the world to share their stories, pictures, selfies, and experiences. So what you waiting for, it’s time to get creative and share, this is your platform to get featured, communicate, and network with your community!
aviation alphabet - aviatorsbuzz

The Aviation Alphabet

The alphabet pronunciation in the field of aviation is different from our regular A,B,C's. Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, don't say A, B, C etc., they use the Phonetic Alphabet or the Aviation Alphabet...
Colour blind - Aviatorsbuzz

Is the Colour Blindness Test Mandatory for Pilots ?

Yes, it is mandatory to do a Colour Blindness Test if you want to be a pilot. The first color blindness test known as the "Ishihara test" was invented by Japanese opthalmologist Shinobu Ishihara in...

Aviation Quiz – Test Your A320 Knowledge! #4

Q.1  What is the maximum (+, -) differential pressure that an A320 can withstand? Q.2  How is pressurization maintained in the cabin of an A320? Q.3  Can you tell us how many minutes A320 batteries will...
Aviation Quiz - Test Your A320 Knowledge! #3

Aviation Quiz – Test Your A320 Knowledge! #3

How did Capt. Sully’s A320 remain afloat even after landing on water? What is the maximum and minimum temperature you can set for the cabin and cockpit of an A320? How much portable...
Aviation Quiz - Test Your A320 Knowledge! #2

Aviation Quiz – Test Your A320 Knowledge #2

Q1) The System Display (SD) consists of how many system pages? Q2) What are Suction valves? Where are they fitted? Q3) The three outboard leading edge slats are Anti-iced using _______?   To know all the answers, CLICK...


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