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In our Crew segment we welcome crew from around the world to share their stories, pictures, selfies, and experiences. So what you waiting for, it’s time to get creative and share, this is your platform to get featured, communicate, and network with your community!
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Did you know ? #19

Q) Is it very hard becoming a Pilot ? A) While becoming a pilot might sound intimidating, that is not to say that it is impossible. Many people believe that they aren’t cut out to...

Did you know ? #18

Q) Can an aircraft throw out things from the cargo hold to lose weight? A) Stuff of tales! Pilots call this a typical movie myth, it is definitely possible in the movies but not in...
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Did you know? #17

Q) Are there crew sleeping spaces onboard an aircraft ? A) Many Boeing 777 and 787 planes have a secret staircase that leads to a windowless group of bedrooms that are known as Crew Rest...
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Did You Know ? #16

Q) Is there only one pilot in an Aircraft? A) “This is your captain speaking,” you hear over the loudspeaker, and perhaps you think, “Wow, that’s the one guy who can fly this plane.” Wrong....
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Did you know ? #15

Q) Do commercial pilots have parachutes ? A) While germs may be airborne before they are filtered from the cabin, you can be sure that your pilot will not be airborne under any circumstances. “Why...


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