Pratt And Whitney For India

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Airbus C295 transport aircraft (Source: Airbus)

As makers of the world’s first operational fifth-generation engine, the F119 for the F-22 Raptor and the world’s most advanced fighter engine, the F135 which powers the F-35, Pratt & Whitney’s history and expertise with advanced propulsion systems is unmatched. With more than 7,000 military engines in service with 34 armed forces around the world, P&W understand that engine performance, reliability and versatility are critical components of advancing a nation’s aerospace and warfighter ambitions. Both the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy are on a modernisation path with some key programmes in the running. For example, the Indian Air Force may acquire 56 Airbus C295 transport aircraft that are powered by PW127G engines. The PW100 family of engines represents a diverse set of customers, across regional, cargo, firefighting, emergency services and defence. It has delivered on reliability as well as versatility, flying in any environment, effectively and efficiently. The engine’s latest materials, design and advanced engine control deliver impressive dispatch reliability, as well as easy operations and maintenance, making it uniquely suited to IAF’s varied mission needs. Meanwhile, the Indian Navy is looking to select a new Naval Utility Helicopter and the Sikorsky S-76D is one of the contenders. 

The S-76D is powered by the PW210 engine, which has been instrumental in shaping a new generation of helicopters worldwide. With its game-changing performance, improved fuel burn, power-to-weight ratio and operating economics, we are confident that if selected, the PW210 will deliver for the Indian Navy as it protects India’s maritime borders. When it comes to advanced fighters, there is the closely watched procurement of 114 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft for the Air Force and Boeing’s F-15EX is seen as one of the contenders. Pratt & Whitney’s F100 engines have powered the United States Air Force’s entire operational fleet of F-15s for more than the past 40 years, including its most current variants. The latest upgraded F100-PW-229 has a fully modular architecture that ensures ease of maintenance and incorporates leading edge technologies in materials, cooling, and health management including some advanced 5th generation technology. It is also fully capable of integrating with the F-15EX’s fly-by-wire flight control system. The F100’s safety, reliability, and performance record with the F-15 is second-to-none. With more than 28 million hours flown, the F100 is an industry leader in fighter engine reliability and provides excellent value to its operators through low costs per flight hour. The engine currently powers frontline fighters for the USAF and air forces around the world, and is technologically fully capable of powering the most challenging missions against any adversary – now and in the future. These traits along with quality and value over the entire lifecycle, provide the Indian Air Force with a superior propulsion system for this critical aircraft and for their missions.

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