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IAF MiG 29UPG (Source: Pinterest)

Corresponding with modern approaches on the supply and operation of aviation equipment, the ‘MiG’ Corporation is ready to offer a wide range of services for post-sales support and training of aviation personnel, including the complex maintenance systems, in cooperation with local partners and also long-term maintenance LTA contracts.

It is also important to note that the ‘MiG’ Corporation offers a comprehensive offset programme, and also that the most important and demanding parts of this programme within the framework of previously concluded contracts are already being implemented by the Corporation. Thus, joint ventures and high tech opportunities are created in India, with the most advanced technologies absorbed by the industry. A new and significant opportunity in the development of military-technical cooperation between the countries the potential tender for supply of 114 multi-role fighters for the Indian Air Force. 

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MiG 35 (Source: The Drive)

To participate in the tender the ‘MiG’ Corporation has worked on a proposal for local production of the MiG-35 fighter in keeping with the strategic cooperation agreement involving the Indian industrial partner. The MiG-35 aircraft is considered a pinnacle of the ‘MiG’ aircraft family and designed for operation in high-intensity armed conflicts, in conditions of extensive and layered enemy air defence systems. The MiG-35 can perform complex multipurpose missions in a continuously changing operational and tactical environment against air, ground and surface targets. Incorporating fifth-generation fighter technologies, radar with active phased array antenna, a modern cockpit, a wide range of weapons including those foreign-made, having a high rate of operational reliability and with an infrastructure already existing in India, plus experience of the Indian Air Force pilots, this could give great advantage to the MiG-35 in the upcoming tender. 

The proposal of the ‘MiG’ Corporation involves the full transfer of technology to the Indian Government, providing the full scope of manufacturing technologies, operational and repair documentation. Implementation of the project for supply and indigenous production of MiG-35 aircraft will allow the Indian aviation industry to exploit advanced manufacturing technologies and developing of key systems of 5th generation aviation equipment, as well as to increase scientific know-how for the development of other national aviation projects. This time-tested partnership is one of the important components of the two countries foreign policy. Over the years of being friendly ties in various fields, the peoples of India and Russia have greatly benefited from each other’s strengths. Thus, it is important that New Delhi and Moscow continue to expand and strengthen their military-technical cooperation in order to meet modern challenges. This is the very basis of freedom, independence and prosperity of the ‘two’ countries for many years to come.

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