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While the aviation industry faced the blunt of the pandemic; the Aerospace and Defence sector in India received a policy boost with the Government of India taking the vital decision to open up India›s aerospace industry and increase the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) limit. It also put the Space sector reforms in a hyper-drive by allowing homegrown space companies to access ISRO’s infrastructure. While all of this will create new opportunities for the OEMs and suppliers in the ecosystem, they will also face certain challenges – increasing programme complexity, strong focus on affordability and innovation, zero tolerance for missed production schedules, faster product-development cycles and digital transformation. They will need to accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies and move to the factory of the future for greater agility on production rate. 

It requires new way to conceptualise, design, manufacture, test, certify and sustain new air and space vehicles. Effective usage of 3D design and engineering technology will be key to the success of businesses in these sectors. It means, the full utilisation of the potential of virtual twins and application of model based systems engineering (MBSE) in the development of new aircraft, new defence systems or next generation of commercial and defence ready drones. Dassault Systemes is enabling greater accessibility and availability of 3D design and engineering technology for upcoming defence corridors, MSMEs, and startups in India. It is working closely with various State Governments (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh) to set up Centers of Excellence that can provide necessary training to the current and future generation of engineers, in the Aerospace and Defence industry.

Dassault Systemes is currently  showcasing in India key Industry Solution Experiences for the Aerospace & Defence sector: Build to Operate based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, it accelerates meeting production targets and increases manufacturing capacity. The solution offers aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers the ability to implement lean practices, integrate new technologies and meet demand without sacrificing either quality or schedule. Ready for Rate enables flexible production while delivering products with first-time quality, on budget, and on schedule. Aerospace manufacturers can take advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to implement lean practices that remove waste in critical areas of manufacturing. Engineered to Fly allows small and medium suppliers to grow their business profitably from bid to delivery. By connecting the dots, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform reduces complexity to develop new bids, collaborate during product development and facilitate manufacturing ramp-up. 

Reinvent The Sky supports startups, small and medium enterprises and OEMs in developing disruptive solutions: from small, light aircraft to electric vertical take-off and landing, as well as space launchers and satellite propulsion. Companies can accelerate the product lifecycle from concept to certification, and gain significant advantage by being the first on the market with their prototype. Co-Design to Target allows Or i g i n a l E q u i p m e n t Manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate disparate tools, organisations and processes into a single stream to optimise form, fit and function in an integrated System Digital Mock-up (DMU). This System DMU can avoid many of the integration issues that significantly impact the cost and schedule of a programme.

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