Bizarre Stories – Where are the Children?

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In a bizarre story, the Captain of a flight saw some children playing outside the Cockpit area on his Cockpit camera, which is essentially a CCTV camera installed on all planes across the globe after 9/11 for extra surveillance. He called the cabin crew and advised them to stop the children from playing in that area and escort them back to their seats. All this seemed normal till the cabin crew couldn’t find any kids outside the cockpit area! A Boeing 737 has a galley of about 10 meters so there is no way the two cabin crew in the galley could have missed the children.

According to the stewardess that recalled the story with INSIDER, “During flight cruising altitude, the captain called the leading crew asking why do they let two little kids play in front of the cockpit door?” That’s when things got weird as the cabin crew insisted there were no children playing outside the cockpit! 

After touchdown when the crew got to their hotel, the pilots once again asked the crew about the children playing outside the cockpit, but the cabin crew maintained that they saw no children, however, both the pilots said they saw the kids playing right next to the Flight Attendants. Things got real freaky as the crew insisted they never saw any children again, ultimately the pilots dropped the story as it was clearly getting to the crew.

Wonder what the pilots saw! Spooky and bizarre right?

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