Bizarre Stories – Passengers Pushback an Airplane

Human Push Back - Aviation Bizarre Picture

In a bizarre story the passengers of a plane once got off an airplane and helped push it back as it was stuck. This happened in the Russian town of Igarka, the flight was heading to Serbia in Russia.

The airplane needed to push back, but as its brake pads froze solid with the temperature falling to minus 52 degrees centigrade it got stuck and some of the 74 passengers volunteered to get off the plane and help push the airplane back.


As reported by the RIA Novisti news agency, the passengers on board, many of them shift workers got together and offered a helping hand for the pushback, using all their Siberian might they pushed at the low wings of the aircraft till it reached the desired point after which the Katekavia Airline airplane started it’s engines, took off and made a safe landing in Krasnoyarsk, Serbia in Russia.

Watch the video of this unique episode for which the Russian Transport Police launched an official investigation against the passengers for pushing the airplane! Bizzare isn’t it!

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