Bizarre Stories – Jobless A380 Qantas Pilots Now Driving the Bus

Qantas Pilots Bizarre story - Aviatorsbuzz
Source: CNBC

With Qantas parking all their Airbus 380’s in the Mojave desert, the captains and first officers flying these magnificent airplanes for Qantas have slowly been relieved from their duties. In a bizarre twist of fate some of these pilots from flying the Airbus now find themselves driving a bus.

One such pilot narrates his story on how he kept waiting for a call back and when he did receive that call it was only to fly the airplane to be decommissioned to the Mojave desert. In an emotional conversation he recalls, how it was the probably his saddest day and flight ever.

The pilots however haven’t lost hope and are hoping to get back to their skill set of flying planes, even if not the Airbus 380. They are waiting to get called back as things improve in the space of Aviation in this new Covid world.

In the meantime, the pilots inspite of loosing their high profile jobs have managed to keep their chin up and meet the family expenses by driving the Bus around town with a smile on their face. 13 pilots have already joined the bus service and another 17 are expected to join soon, they say they have a new found respect for all the Bus drivers. We definitely have a newfound respect for all these brave pilots who are doing the best they can in these trying times and hope to see them where they belong, up in the skies soon.

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