Bizarre Stories – Finnair to Sell Onboard Meals In Grocery Stores

Finnair Airlines
Source: helsinki_aviation_spotter

In a bizarre story Finnair has decided to sell pre-packaged Business Class airplane meals in a grocery store in Finland.

This new business venture called “Taste of Finland” was conceptualised to bring a luxury experience to homes, and to create job opportunities for employees that had been laid off. Marika Nieminen, VP Finnair Kitchen, stated “at the same time this is a new business opening for us and employs our chefs in Vantaa. This project has been especially great, as so many of Kitchen’s employees are temporarily laid of, we can create new work and employment for our people.”

The airline is of the opinion that its specialty food offering of contemporary Nordic infused with a Japanese flair could have an international appeal, although Nieminen thinks it’s early days, she says “The quality of the food is really something that we are proud of.”

The airline tested this concept by first selling the food to airline staff to see the reaction and acceptance of the same and once they saw it gaining popularity, they finally decided to sell it at K-Citymarket in Tammisto, Vantaa at a cost of approximately 10 euros.

The store which is in close proximity to the Finnair Kitchen headquarters worked wonders for them and Finnair is now planning to expand this concept to other K-Citymarket stores across Finland! Bizarre isnt it ??

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