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Q1) How can you close the Fire shut-off valves?

Ans. 1) Each green and yellow hydraulic system has a fire shut off valve in the upstream of its engine-driven pump.

Its main purpose is to cut-off the hydraulic supply from the system in case of fire, Hydraulics being a flammable liquid.

Quiz - AviatorsBuzz
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One way in which you can close the fire shut off valve is – Fire Push button 

This push button located on the overhead panel has many functions, and one of them is also to close the fire shut off valve.


Q2) What computer controls the Landing gear? What are its functions ?

Ans. 2) The LGCIU – Landing Gear Control Interface Unit controls the Landing Gear system. It has the following functions:

  1. It receives landing gear position information from proximity detectors when:
    • Landing gears are locked down or up
    • Shock absorbers are compressed or extended
    • Landing gear doors are open or closed
    • The bogie is aligned or not
  2. After receiving the landing gear position data, the LGCIU sends it to other aircraft systems to help develop a good interface. 
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Q3) Is there any altitude restriction in flight for the pneumatic power provided by the APU?

Ans. 3) The APU is a self-contained unit that supplies the aircraft with pneumatic and electric power.

The APU can provide electric power till an altitude of 41,000 ft.

However, there is a limitation for pneumatic power, maximum altitude to assist engine start with the help of APU is 20,000 ft

Quiz - AviatorsBuzz
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