Airbus 320 Neo (New Engine Option) Leap 1A

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A320 Neo (New Engine Option) Leap 1A

This is an Airbus 320 Neo (New Engine Option) Leap 1A.

Here you can see 2 hearts of Leap engine, EEC A and EEC B. The PSS(Pressure Sub System) box is below EEC B. The rating plug is on PSS box which changes the available Thrust. There are also 2 cooling blowers above the EECA. All these components are on the right-hand side of the fan case.

This engine has a Propulsion Control System (PCS) which regroups the:
– FADEC system consists of 2 Electronic Engine Control (EEC) units and a Pressure Sub-System (PSS) box.
– Engine Interface Unit (EIU).
In order to increase engine reliability and efficiency, the FADEC gives the full range of engine control to achieve steady-state and transient engine performances when operated in combination with aircraft subsystems.

The EEC controls the operation of the following:

– Engine control for thrust settings in Manual and Auto thrust Modes,
– Thrust Control Malfunction (TCM) protection, – Engine airflow control,
– Combustor fuel metering valve,
– Control and monitor sensing,
– Ignition and starting systems,
– Command and monitoring of the thrust reverser system,
– Fault detection, isolation, annunciation and transmission to the A/C (BITE).